Send your music to the Record Exchange before Treefort, then pick up any unsold items on your way out of town!

The Record Exchange, Boise’s largest independent record store, is looking for Treefort artists to send their music to the store prior to the festival so they can have it on the shelves leading up to and during the fest.

Complimentary Services and Deals at 12th Fret Music

12th Fret Music, located at 2164 S. Broadway Ave Boise, 83706, is offering select complimentary services as well as waving the rush fee ($100) on amp repairs and ($50) on string instruments. Also free set ups on string instruments (valued at $75 – $150 each).

Treefort artists will receive 10% of all products and services that aren’t included in complimentary offers, plus 15% off all accessories in store. Treefort artists will also be moved to the front of the line for any services or repairs needed.

12th Fret services all guitar / bass / stringed instruments, performs amp repairs, as well as guitar/bass restrings and set ups.

Normal business hours are:
Tuesday – Friday: 11am – 6pm
Saturday: 11am – 4pm

Special Hours for Treefort artists during the week of Treefort only:
Tuesday – Friday: 10am – 6pm
Saturday: 10am – 4pm

Complimentary Chiropractic Services

Dr. Rob Sanders is offering complimentary chiropractic care at his downtown office for all Treefort artists. Please call or text his office at 208-598-5067 to schedule your appointment!

Complimentary Barbering Services

Chris and Ryan at Peace Valley Dry Goods are offering complimentary barbering services Wednesday-Saturday during the festival on a first come first serve basis. The shop is located at 418 S. 6th St. The number to call to book an appt is (208) 985-5015.

Complimentary Barbering Services

Taylor at 10th St Barber Shop, located at 105 N 10th St in downtown Boise, is offering complimentary barbering services for Treefort artists and crews. Appointments are available on a first come first serve basis and can be scheduled by calling or texting Taylor at 602-550-0455. Be sure to mention that you are a Treefort artist or crew member!

Complimentary Chair Massage Services at the Artist Lounge

Massage Therapist Zachariah Chadney will be offering complimentary chair massage services in the Artist Lounge. Days + hours coming soon.

Honing his craft in the South West of England, Zachariah is a dedicated masseuse in body work and beyond. Qualified in Massage, Reflexology, Aromatherapy, Bamboo and more, Zach is an intuitive and skilled masseuse who can provide ease from the demanding lifestyle of live performance for artists and creatives.

Complimentary Braiding Services at the Artist Lounge

Stylists from The Braid Lounge will be offering complimentary fun hair braiding in the Artist Lounge on Thursday and Friday from 4-7pm.


All take place at Boise Centre East Room 420A, unless otherwise noted
Please see SCHEDULE for featured panelists and more info.

Thursday, March 21st

La PALABRA de la CHICHADELIA” a conversation with Los Chapillacs & Moldes about Peruvian Chicha and psychedelia.

Hap Hap Lounge. 21+

Friday, March 22nd

Industry and Artist Breakfast Hang

Artists and industry are invited to an informal hang sesh over coffee and pastries.

Amplify Your Voice: Mastering Advocacy for Yourself, Your Art, and the Causes You Care About (Presented by The Recording Academy Pacific NW Chapter)

Do you ever have imposter syndrome? Do you know what you want but don’t know how to ask for it? Join us for a wide-ranging conversation about knowing your worth, articulating your value, and using your voice to show up for yourself and for your community. We’ll discuss practical ways to champion your art and the causes you support. We’ll share stories and strategies that will help you navigate all the hard conversations, giving you the confidence to enter contract negotiations, ask for a raise, talk about deal splits, engage with policymakers, and many other issues you might face as an artist or a professional in the music industry.

Empowering Independence: Nurturing a Sustainable Ecosystem for Artists & Music Workers” – Presented by Midtopia / DTour

Join us for a compelling panel discussion at the intersection of artistry and independence in the music industry. In an era where creative autonomy is celebrated, our panel of industry experts will explore the crucial need for robust support systems and alternative business models to empower artists and workers on their independent journeys. From navigating the complexities of the digital landscape to building sustainable careers, we’ll delve into the strategies, resources, and collaborations essential for artists and workers to thrive independently. Discover how fostering a supportive ecosystem can not only preserve creative integrity but also pave the way for a flourishing future in the ever-evolving music landscape. Don’t miss this insightful conversation that aims to redefine the narrative of artistic and creative independence in the music industry.

The Entrepreneurial Artist: Building and Protecting Your Music Business

If you are making money (or hope to make money!) from your music, you are essentially an entrepreneur operating a business.  How can emerging artists build sustainable businesses?  Start by organizing your business as an entity and securing your intellectual property rights through registration, split sheets, band agreements, and/or shareholder agreements. Industry experts and veterans will discuss the benefits of forming a legal entity for your music business; protecting your intellectual property through fair agreements with your collaborators, team members and third parties such as labels, managers, agents, and venues. Simply, a little due diligence now can help make for smooth transactions and protect you when things go wrong.  Signing the right agreements, and knowing when to say “no” to giving up rights, can open the doors to more opportunities for your music to be heard and protect your interests long term.

Saturday, March 23rd

Industry and Artist Breakfast Hang

Artists and industry are invited to an informal hang sesh over coffee and pastries.

“Money, it’s a gas! – Fueling your band, film, writing, or other artistic projects through grants”

There are grants available for bands and individual artists regardless if you are a nonprofit entity or not. Come learn about local opportunities and grant programs as well as what makes a compelling grant application to get your project funded. Additionally hear from a successful grant recipient with advise for improving your application.

Featuring panelists from Boise Arts & History Department, Alexa Rose Foundation, and Arts Idaho discussing regional opportunities beyond Boise as well.

Beyond the Band: Diversifying Your Musical Income

Struggling to make ends meet despite recording, touring, and merch? This panel digs deep into beyond-the-band income streams for musicians, composers, and producers.

Dive into:

  • Monetizing skills beyond live shows: Discover hidden revenue streams in music publishing.
  • Turning your studio into a cash machine: Learn how to set up for commercial projects and write music for hire.
  • Landing a music publisher: Get expert tips on securing sync deals and regular pitches.
  • Partner with brands as an influencer: Leverage your audience and music to create lucrative collaborations.
  • Merch beyond t-shirts: Explore innovative branding and reaching future-minded consumers.

Our expert panelists of seasoned music industry & branding veterans will share real- world tips and strategies to help you:

  • Get your music heard and paid for in unexpected ways.
  • Turn your gear and creativity into consistent income.
  • Build a powerful brand and connect with loyal fans.
  • Break free from the hustle cycle and unlock the full potential of your music and creativity.

“I’d Like to Speak to the Manager” 

An important conversation discussing the role of the manager, how/when to build your artist team, and stories of do’s and don’ts from a panel of experienced managers. Aspiring managers and artists of all levels will find value in this knowledgeable panel.

Sonic Connections 

A unique opportunity to chat one-on-one with a select crew of music industry professionals, from a range of roles and disciplines such as Music Production, Music Supervision and Sync Licensing, Record Labels and Publishers, Booking and Artist Management, PR and Marketing, Radio and Streaming. Within our session’s 60 minute duration, there will be five 10-minute rounds for attendees to sit with and pick the brains of our industry experts, who are ready to share their well-earned knowledge and offer tips and tricks they’ve picked up along their path in the music business. Space will be limited, so advance RSVP is recommended. (sign up link coming soon)