All artists are welcome to sell their merch at the venue of their performance, and we will have a designated place set up at each venue (we will also be selling Treefort Merchandise at select venues).

If you sell merch, you are required to collect the 6% Idaho sales tax (except Main Stage artists- see below). If you do not already have an Idaho seller’s permit, you can request a free temporary seller’s permit before the show by following the link below (preferred) or by filling out a hard copy form at Artist Check-In.

PLEASE NOTE: The ST-124 Idaho Sales Tax Declaration form is required for all participants selling merchandise at the festival. If you request a temporary seller’s permit to be able to sell merch, you must also return a completed copy of the ST-124 form after the festival even if you have no sales.  If the form is not returned it could result in collection actions from the State of Idaho.


  • Go to and under “Sellers and Promoters” click “REGISTER AS A TEMPORARY SELLER OR PROMOTER.”
  • At the bottom of the page select the option: I am a(n) “SELLER WITH EVENT ID”, then click “Next”
  • Choose the option “I AM GOING TO AN EVENT” then click “Next”
  • Enter the Event ID- 489684992 then click “Next.”
  • Enter your seller information, click “Next,”
  • Choose purpose “I need a temporary permit”, click “Next”
  • Review submission and then click “Submit”
  • A confirmation page will appear and an email with the permit details will be emailed to the email on the submission
  • You will receive an email with instructions on how to return the form AFTER the festival (this is VERY important as you could be subjected to a fine or tax penalty if not returned within 15 days)

Main Stage Merch

If you are playing at the Main Stage, we will sell your merch for you at our festival merch booth for an 80/20 split. Please fill out the following Merch Contract & Inventory Sheet and bring your merch to the backstage of Main Stage where the backstage manager will do a count in (do not bring to the merch booth please). No need to fill out a tax form, we will take care of that for you!

If you would like to submit these forms in advance, please email them to our Merch Coordinator.