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Second Chance Shows at Treefort 2023

Second Chance shows are officially unofficial Treefort shows.

You know when you’re making your schedule and you were all like “I cannot miss this band”, but then something comes up during the festival and you definitely miss that band? We’ve all been there and that’s why Second Chance shows at Treefort Music Fest are the BEST! Some of these shows are not “technically” part of Treefort – they are hosted by our friends, pals and partners and give you a chance to see an artist you may have missed due to conflicts in your schedule.

All Second Chance shows are free and open to the public!


Treeline | Wed 3/22 – Sat 3/25 | 6pm – 12am | All Ages

Hop on a Treeline Bus and enjoy a show on your way to the next show! The Treeline will have bands on two buses Wednesday – Saturday of Treefort 11. Treeline is all ages and free & open to the public.


Wednesday, March 22

6:00pm Athena Garza
7:30pm Dust City Opera
9:00pm TBD
10:30pm Summer Like The Season

Thursday, March 23

6:00pm Aka Belle
7:30pm Bart Budwig
9:00pm The Heligoats
10:30pm Michael Compton

Friday, March 24

6:00pm Scout Gillett
7:30pm Scott Knickerbocker
9:00pm Dust City Opera
10:30pm Hillfolk Noir

Saturday, March 25

6:00pm TBD
7:30pm Scott Knickerbocker
9:00pm TBD
10:30pm TBD


Wednesday, March 22

6:30pm Bailey Allen Baker
8:00pm Ashley Rose
9:30pm Dusty & Stones

Thursday, March 23

8:00pm Hillfolk Noir
9:30pm The Merrels
11:00pm Ashley Young

Friday, March 24

6:30pm Lee Penn Sky
9:30pm Joe Sullivan
11:00pm The Pine Hearts

Saturday, March 25

6:30pm Afrosonics
8:00pm Lonesome Jetboat Ramblers
9:30pm High Pine Whiskey Yell
11:00pm David Henry


1105 W Idaho Street | Wed 3/22 – Sat 3/25 | All Ages

Our pals at The Record Exchange, Boise’s very own incredible indie record shop, are hosting free in-store shows during the fest! Catch a show, buy a new record, find a cool shirt – who knows what you will discover at RecEx! These shows are free & open to the public.

Wednesday, March 22

5:00pm Oruã

Thursday, March 23

4:30pm Death Valley Girls

Friday, March 24

5:00pm Causeway

Saturday, March 25

12:00pm Hannah Jadagu

Sunday, March 26

12:30pm Sun Atoms


Rhodes Skate Park | Thu 3/23 & Sat 3/25 | All Ages

Skatefort is where we rip & grip during Treefort Music Fest. Bring your skateboard, roller skates, and inline skates and ride around while bands play at Rhodes Skate Park. There will also be a few community skating workshops and events. Skatefort is free and open to all ages!

Thursday, March 23

10AM | Roller Skate Community Roll Out

Roll call! Tour Treefort with fellow skaters and other wheels! All wheels welcome and all levels welcome. Basic street skating skills recommended. There will be options for fun street obstacles available, but not required.

Saturday, March 25

10AM | Park Skating Basics with Kiana (@kianayouwanna)

Open to all individuals who want to familiarize themselves with park skating and open to all levels, directed towards beginners. Stick around for the next hour for more advanced tips and tricks!

10AM | Roller Derby Roll Out with Treasure Valley Roller Derby (@TVRDERBY)

Roll call! Tour Treefort with TVRD and skate with local derby players. Meet at Kristin Armstrong Municipal Park (500 S. Walnut Street) for a trail skate on the greenbelt to the new Treefort Main Stage location in Julia Davis Park. All wheels welcome, all levels welcome! Basic street skating skills recommended. 

11AM | Park Skate Lesson with Kiana (@kianayouwanna

Roller skaters! Want to learn more advanced skatepark skills like flips and rails? Come to this free workshop and learn with Kiana!


Rhodes Skate Park | Sat 3/25 | All Ages

12:00pm RahKeeM
1:00pm TeZATalks
2:00pm Archer Oh
3:00pm Eleven & Jason D
4:10pm Pink Fuzz


804 W Front Street | Th 3/23 – Sat 3/25 | 5-8pm | 21+ 

They’ve been pairing wine with cheeses since the dawn of time. Now, it’s time to pair music to those varietals! Co-op Wine Shop shows are free and open to people age 21+

Thursday, March 23

6:00pm Sam Steffen
7:00pm Bailey Allen Baker

Friday, March 24

5:00pm Nick Delffs
6:00pm Joe Sullivan
7:00pm Christian Wallowing Bull

Saturday, March 25

5:00pm Highway45
6:00pm TBD
7:00pm Taryn Hadfield


370 S 8th Street | Thu 3/23 – Sat 3/25 | 5-8pm | 21+ 

Pop on over to our friendly neighbors at Downtown Boise’s premier food hall! Grab a bite or a beverage and enjoy live music in the new Warehouse Food Hall! These shows are free and open to the public of all ages.

Thursday, March 23

2:00pm Thomas Paul
3:30pm Meredith Lane
5:00pm Bart Budwig

Friday, March 24

2:00pm Andrew Sheppard
3:30pm Dust City Opera
5:00pm Joe Sullivan

Saturday, March 25

2:00pm Christian Wallowing Bull
3:30pm Sam Steffen
5:00pm Ana Lete

Sunday, March 26

2:00pm Ashley Young
3:30pm Bailey Allen Baker
5:00pm Highway45


1000 W Myrtle Street | Sat 3/25 | 1pm – 6pm | All Ages

Do you like your fries like you like your tunes? Maybe a lil greasy, wavy, or perhaps rather saucy. No matter what you like, you can enjoy live music with a side of FREE french fries at Fry Fest.

1:00 pm Fries are hot – come get em!
1:30pm DGIT
2:45pm Dust City Opera
4:00pm Demob Happy
5:15pm Sego


420 S 6th Street | Wed 3/22 – Sun 3/26 | All Ages

Swing by MING Studios to see a new collaborative project by local artists titled FIELD WORK. The project looks at the effects of development in the valley, and how that sits with our relationship to the land, each other, and a sense of “home.” The show will feature videos, a collaborative piece, sound installation, zine workshop, live bands, photography, and sculpture.

This event is free and open to the public of all ages.


Julia Davis Park | Wed 3/22 – Sun 3/26 | All Ages

Enjoy a beverage with a side of tunes! We’ll have awesome DJs on the decks in Alefort Lounge throughout the fest, so keep your ears out! Alefort is in the Fort Zone at Julia Davis Park and open to the public!

Alefort Lounge Hours

Wednesday 3/22 • 4:00 – 9:00pm
Thursday 3/23 • 4:00 – 9:00pm
Friday 3/24 • 2:00 – 9:00pm
Saturday 3/25 • 12:00 – 9:00pm
Sunday 3/26 • 12:00 – 5:00pm


1314 W Grove Street | Wed 3/22 – Sun 3/26 | All Ages

You’ll wanna cozy up at CAMP Modern! It’s a primo spot to enjoy a delicious cocktail, listen to music and meet new friends! Camp Modern is outdoors so it can be all ages & free to the public!


1420 W Grove Street | Th 3/23 – Sat 3/25 | 21+

Our friends at Hops & Bottles are throwing a parking lot party! Swing by Skatefort, then wet your whistle over at Hops & Bottles while you listen to some tunes. They have over 300 cans and bottles of beer, cider & NA drinks! These shows are free & open to the public 21+

Thursday, March 23

1:00pm Blvck Hippie
2:00pm TBD
3:00pm Summer Like The Season
4:00pm Mother Sun
5:00pm TBD
6:00pm Cat Valley

Friday, March 24

1:00pm TBD
2:00pm Panthermilk
3:00pm Scout Gillett
4:00pm TBD
5:00pm TBD
6:00pm Fahd & Marcus

Saturday, March 25

1:00pm Mall Goth Moths
2:00pm Ryan & Andy
3:00pm Ryan Peck
4:00pm Ponderay
5:00pm The Plagiarists
6:00pm ON


1519 W Main Street | Fri 3/24 – Sun 3/26 | 21+

Our friends at Handlebar are having an open mic! Swing by and sing a few tunes with a beer.


1022 W Main St | Fri 3/24 1-5pm | 21+

Our friends at American Standard Time are showcasing a handful of artists at Barbarian Brewing’s downtown beer bar on Friday, March 24. These shows are free & open to the public 21+

Friday, March 24

1:00pm Desolation Horse
2:00pm Meredith Lane
3:00pm Ryan Curtis
4:00pm Sequoia
5:00pm Caliko

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