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All Tech Everything at Hackfort 2024

Hackfort during Treefort Music Fest is about celebrating all things tech. Hackfort’s mission is to democratize technology and tech culture by offering opportunities to learn, connect, and engage with the fun side of tech while also pushing tech boundaries, all to make a positive difference within our community. 

This year, Hackfort 2024 is all about connections

The connections of human and machine, through the lens of generative AI. The connections of virtual and physical worlds, from metaverses to augmented reality and accessibility. The connections between technology and our city, and avenues for collaboration and community engagement. The connections of technology of the past to technology of the future. And true to our name, Hackfort will delve into cybersecurity. As connections are made, so too are exploits. 

This year we are also going all out in the Hackfort Interactive Space. You’ll find – 

  • Interactive Art Installations
  • Immersive Experiences
  • Collaborative Projects
  • Walk-up Workshops
  • Electronic Music
  • Games

…and many more surprises inside.

Hackfort 2024 events are included with a 1-day or 5-day Festival Pass or a Hackfort Badge. Those with a Hackfort Badge get priority access to all talks, workshops & demos at Hackfort. Individual Hackfort Badges are only $30 and are on sale NOW. 

We are psyched to hear from Hackfort 2024 headliners Matt Klein, an award-winning writer, speaker, critical researcher, and advisor focused on cultural fluency and the future; Peter Bordow, the Managing Director, Distinguished Engineer & Chief Architect for PQC/Quantum Systems & Emerging Technology for Cybersecurity at Wells Fargo; and Kika MacFarlane and Tala Schlossberg of Two Toes Creative, an Idaho based creative studio specializing in animation and creative services that works with mission-driven brands to tell stories and build worlds. 


(New York, New York) 

A Webby-winning writer and Insights 250’s Top Voice in Market Research, Klein is a trusted advisor to organizations seeking to make sense of cultural change. With decades of experience in trend forecasting, innovation, and strategic communications, Klein partners with investors, the UN, journalists, philanthropies, and brands to author resonant, future-proofing strategies.

He advised on the cultural implications of generative AI for Google, fandom for the NBA, and partnership between American Airlines and The James Beard Foundation.

His award-winning publication ZINE, critically researches overlooked trends, reaching tens of thousands globally. ZINE offers executives, government officials and students alike cultural intelligence, interviews and deep dives covering Cultural Stasis, The Decline of Higher Education, Rise of Modern Religion, Ethics of Virtual Influencers, and Reality & Myth Making.

Advancing foresight, he’s also written about The Radical Potential of Cultural Strategy, How Trends Lost All Meaning and Foresight as Activism. Effectively explaining emerging social shifts, he’s a relied upon source for the WSJ, DAZED and VICE, and contributor to WARC and Forbes where he served as a media critic. Klein is a speaker at SXSW, IDEO, and MoMA, and guest lecturer at universities including NYU and The Ross School of Business at The University of Michigan.

He’s also the author of the META Trends Report, an annual meta-analysis commenting on the zeitgeist, Audience Capture, a zine exploring the dynamics of audiences on creators, Co-Founder of The Tiny Awards, honors for the cozy web, and Creator of The Understanding Media Seminar Series in partnership with The McLuhan Institute.

Completing the first-ever joint degree in Psychology and Film & Media Studies from Franklin & Marshall College, Klein’s honors dissertation and concentration was in CyberPsychology: Online Sharing as Identity Creation & Self Presentation. He holds certificates in network theory, crisis communications and futurism from the Institute for the Future & The Future Laboratory.

Klein’s focus is to increase cultural fluency, empowering autonomy and allowing us to author our preferred futures. He’s a cyclist, (humble) film and wine snob, and volunteers with Big Brothers NY.


Peter Bordow is Managing Director, Distinguished Engineer & Chief Architect for PQC/Quantum Systems & Emerging Technology for Cybersecurity at Wells Fargo. In this role, Peter is responsible for leading research and development, strategy, and ideation across a portfolio which includes digital identity, extended reality, privacy enhancing technologies, and other innovation areas.

With more than 30 years of technology, thought leadership, and management experience in the financial, aerospace, defense, and communications industries, Peter has designed research and development, and innovation technology projects for: digital circuit design, radar and laser weapon systems, networking, storage and databases, security, and applications. Peter is the author of numerous technical papers and recipient of distinguished accomplishments at Wells Fargo, including 2021 Inventor Hall of Fame inductee, 2020 Galileo Award for integrating patent strategy, 2019 Einstein Award for advancing innovation in unchartered areas, 2017 Gold Coin for innovation, and more than 30 granted U.S. patents for quantum technology, post-quantum cryptography, and digital identity.  

Peter lives in Arizona. He holds a 2nd degree black belt in Tai Kwon Do. He is a recording and performing artist with several released albums. He is a passionate obstacle course race enthusiast.


Kevin is a Boston-based indie game developer who has been making stuff with his friends as part of the SuperTry collective for over a decade. He makes a lot of short, free video games. In 2022 he released a tabletop RPG called Space Kings. He also cohosts and edits Goosebuds, a Goosebumps retrospective podcast.


Kacey won the Hackfort Tech Challenge at the Hackfort 2023 with her idea, Hacky Sack Security. Since then, her company has changed names to Encryptrix. Kacey is passionate about cybersecurity awareness and education to those who do not know much about tech. Through her work with Encryptrix as well as her assistance in helping create a realtor training program for a local title company, Kacey has worked to make cyber knowledge more accessible. Kacey recently graduated with her Bachelors in cyber operations and resilience from Boise State University, and is now pursuing a Master’s Degree.


An electrical engineer by training, Evan Holbert explores our personal and social relationships with technology, liminality, and the occult and esoteric. In addition to his first project, The Oracle, Evan plans to create more interactive artifacts using salvaged industrial components to invite the viewer to reconsider preconceived barriers to DIY electronics, and that that passion, geekdom, and wonder are all valid places for anyone to start down their own path of creating and learning new skills.


We are thrilled to bring this awesome community collaborative display to Hackfort at Treefort Music Fest. ARRRTT stands for Advocacy for Responsible Recycling and Reclaiming Tech Together. It’s an initiative to transform e-waste into a large art installation, which will be displayed at Hackfort 2024. The project highlights the importance of recycling and sustainability in our technological practices.

Here’s how it works: 

  1. Locate your unused, unwanted, and old tech equipment
  2. Schedule a pick up to collect your unwanted or old tech equipment 
  3. Your old equipment will be used to create a huge art installation at Hackfort 2024
  4. After Hackfort, the installation is disassembled and donated to community non-profits with impact 

The ARRRTT project is run by Michael Blood of Matraex, a software engineering staple for decades in Boise’s tech community. Michael actively participates in building and contributing to the tech, business, and entrepreneur community in Boise. 


If you’re new to game jams, they’re a game making challenge where individuals and teams attempt to develop a whole, playable video game within a short time limit.  This year, we’re hosting the first ever official Hackfort Game Jam! We’ll be providing themes and a few other tools to assist your creative process during the jam.

This is a chill, unranked jam, but to make things a little more exciting, we’ve asked a few judges to review your submissions. Each judge can pick any amount of their favorite submissions to be immortalized online on SuperTry’s jam page. We’ll also be encouraging our judges to talk, spread the word, and champion their favorite games through whichever medium they most enjoy.


Hackfort and Kidfort have teamed up to present Tech Time Capsule Hour. Embark on a journey through the digital ages as we introduce your kids to the fascinating world of retro technology! From classic arcade games to vintage computers and gadgets, this hands-on experience is designed to transport young minds to a time beyond their years. 

This is a free all-ages experience. Treefort/Hackfort credentials are not required.

More Hackfort speakers & events will be announced soon!