Floating Witch's Head


Boise, ID

"As the name suggests, Floating Witch’s Head is one strange brew. Three of the greatest musical visionaries to emerge from the Boise music scene in the last 20 years have joined forces, and resolved to bring their mysterious cocktail of psychedelic rock, punk and blues to the stage; with a carnivalistic foray that plays out more like a pagan ritual than a collection of songs. It’s as if, somewhere in the Hollywood desert in 1976, a production team was wrapping up a spaghetti western horror movie, but on the last day of filming a powder keg exploded by accident, and burned the whole dusty mess of everything, and everyone, to the ground. This is the soundtrack to that film, and that fire. Members include Travis Ward (Hillfolk Noir) – vocals, guitar, Eric Gilbert (Finn Riggins) – keyboards, vocals and Michael Mitchell (Thick Business, Jeff Crosby) – percussion." - Gregory Rawlins
Thu 3/23 11:10pm: Floating Witch's Head at Hound Garage (Bus Station)
Floating Witch's Head