Thank You Treefort 11 🧡

What a wild week it’s been. We braved the cold, danced in the snow & soaked up the sunshine – sometimes all at once! Julia Davis Park became our very own Treefort this week, and we loved sharing every magical moment with you.  Thank you to the 500+ artists that traveled near and far to … Continued

Curated Treefort 2023 Schedules

We know that our lineup can be a tad bit overwhelming, but as a festival of discovery, we offer a huge variety of tunes and experiences simply for the joy of discovering something new! We all have our genre preferences, so we made a few curated schedules to help you discover your new fave band … Continued

Second Chance Shows at Treefort 2023

Second Chance shows are officially unofficial Treefort shows. You know when you’re making your schedule and you were all like “I cannot miss this band”, but then something comes up during the festival and you definitely miss that band? We’ve all been there and that’s why Second Chance shows at Treefort Music Fest are the … Continued

Community Engagement Is (Still) Very Cool

Community is at the heart of Treefort. As a festival built by the community, for the community, we are honored and excited to partner with a variety of community organizations each year. With Treefort for Good, our attendees, artists, and staff connect with local and state organizations throughout the week, creating pathways to advocacy and … Continued

Guide to Treefort 11

Treefort is almost here! Now is the time to start making plans for bouncing around the fest, building your schedule, planning your cute outfits, shining up your steel cup & getting ready to P-A-R-T-Y at Treefort 11!  The minute you arrive at Treefort Music Fest is when the element of discovery begins. If you aren’t … Continued

Treefort First Thursday 2023

The Treefort 11 countdown is officially on…and up! Celebrate the beginning of Spring at First Thursday in March with a stroll around downtown Boise, admiring all the new paintings on various windows. We have partnered with nearly 30 talented artists to create one-of-a-kind Treefort-inspired artwork for Downtown Boise businesses to get you into the Treefort … Continued

Tig Notaro: Late Show Added!!

Back-to-back shows added by popular demand! Get ready to laugh twice as hard as Tig Notaro has added a second Comedyfort show. We are suuuper hyped to add a second show for Tig Notaro, in response to her *sold out* earlier show on Saturday, March 25th during Treefort Music Fest.  Saturday, March 25: Tig Notaro … Continued

New Venues to Explore at Treefort 11!

Every year since the beginning of Treefort, we’ve utilized a variety of spaces for the fest. It’s a core part of our multi-venue model and creating a festival of discovery. We have shows in coffee shops, parking lots, basements, bars, and restaurants. We set up stages in the streets, throw shows at the skatepark and … Continued

Showcases at Treefort 2023

At Treefort, it’s not allllllllll “fort this, fort that” we also partner with other festivals and arts organizations to curate showcases that highlight various artists. Most of these shows can be found on the official Treefort Schedule, however some are “unofficial” and some are free shows, so peep the schedule below! In addition, single show … Continued

THIS JUST IN! Treefort Music Fest 2023 Set Times Have Arrived

Treefort 11 is next month! It’s time to start planning your moves & grooves for a new era of Treefort Music Fest.  Treefort 11 Schedule The official schedule for Treefort 2023 is here! With a new location in Julia Davis Park, 60 venues all around downtown Boise, over 450 bands, and 700+ events happening over … Continued