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Your Guide to Treefort 2021

Are you Treefort Ready?!

From what to bring and what to do, to where to eat and how to get around, we got you covered (you’re in charge of covering your face).

This is your guide to the best five days ever — Treefort 2021, September 22-26. You’ll be trotting around for hours at a time, dancing, singing, eating, drinking and chillin’ with the homies. It’s a lot of work to party this hard and so safely so we’re gonna help you out! Put on a Treefort playlist, plan out your schedule on the Treefort App, and let’s get Treefort Ready safely together!

Here are some tips and tricks to help you get Treefort Ready:


Streamline your entry by uploading your proof of vaccine/negative test into the Bindle app prior to arriving at Treefort. Also remember to bring with you…

  • Your proof of vaccine/negative test (download the Bindle app and setup your entry pass to be super fast)
  • Your ID
  • Your Treefort ticket with you to the Box Office (hint: search “Eventbrite” in your email)
  • Your mask…and wear it!
  • Your positive attitude, it’s been a while since we’ve all been at a festival!


Bring your smile under your mask and show up at the TMF Pre-Check Party Zone on 12th & Main and line up in one of three lines. The TMF Pre-Check Party Zone hours are the same as the Box Office hours.

  • SUPER FAST: Cruise through quickly with the Bindle app through the DIGITAL line.
  • SLOW: Enter through at a slower pace with your proof of vaccine/negative test (either paper copy, photocopy, picture on your phone) through the ANALOG line.
  • VERRRY SLOW: Get an on-site health check and rapid test and slowly enter into Treefort via the TESTING 1-2-3 line because you’ve arrived without proof of vaccine or negative PCR test. **This could take up to an hour or longer**

Once you’ve been successfully screened, you’ll get your COVID Clear wristband!


Proceed to the Box Office at 12th & Grove to pick up your Treefort wristband


Now that you’ve stacked your wristbands….it’s time for a very safe, actual party!

  • Have fun!
  • Please be kind and understanding of your fellow Treeforters, volunteers and staff…it’s been a while.
  • Soak up all of the music and performances…again, it’s been a while.

You can follow all Health & Safety guidelines here or on our socials. We’re looking forward to saying “Happy Treefort” with you in the streets of Boise!



We want everyone to feel safe at Treefort, therefore we are requiring everyone to wear a mask (regardless of vaccination status). So, be cool, wear a mask at Treefort!


You’ll be doing a lot of walking & dancing so be prepared to run wild all five days of the fest.


Nights might get a little chilly. If you’re in need of some Treefort swag, check out our merch store at the fest!


We have loads of outdoor spaces and stages to hang this year! Maybe the sun will be in your face, other times the wind, or maybe you just want to look cool. (hint: search “outdoor” on the TMF app schedule to find all the outdoor stages)


Gotta stay hydrated! Main Stage only serves alcoholic beverages in steel pint cups to eliminate waste. Buy a Treefort water bottle or steel pint cup or BYO (must be 16oz)!


For your phone, wallet, merchandise purchases and other belongings. Don’t have a fanny pack? Treefort has your back (or rather, your hips). Check out our merch store at the fest and scoop up a fanny pack!


Five days of rocking out will take a toll on your earholes! Protect yourself from hearing loss with your own pair of reusable earplugs or find some onsite, provided by our pals at St. Lukes.


The faster you can get to that show, screening or panel discussion, the better, right? Plus it’s more fun to glide around the city from one amazing event to the next. You could join the skaters at Skatefort, Boise Bicycle Project sets up bike racks all over the festival so your whip has a home near every venue, and if you don’t have any of these alternative transportations, you can easily rent a scooter!


For you yogis who will be attending a Yogafort class or two, please bring your own mat…and an open mind.


What if you see Japanese Breakfast at The Marías show but your phone’s dead so you can’t take a #cool #selfie? On-the-go charging will save your life when you’ve lost your friends or forgot when Strawberry Mansion starts. (FYI: it starts at 7pm on Saturday, September 25th at Boise Contemporary Theater)


Treefort takes over dozens of Downtown Boise venues during the fest, making it super easy to jump from venue to venue. We’re all about sustainability and environmental responsibility, so we encourage you to have a smaller carbon footprint during your Treefort festivities by walking, biking, boarding, scooting, or taking the special Treefort public bus route, Treeline! Plus, nearly all of these methods are super duper FREE and simple!


Our local bus system, Valley Regional Transit, will operate a festival route — Treeline — Wednesday, September 22 through Saturday, September 25 from 6pm to midnight with six beautifully decorated bus stops at Main Street Station, 5th and Main, Idaho and Capitol Blvd., Idaho and 11th, Main and 13th and Main and 11th. The route runs from 14th to 3rd on Main Street and Idaho Street.

The Treeline Circulator is free for anyone (no festival wristband required!) PLUS anyone with a Treefort wristband can ride any regular Valley Regional Transit bus route for free during the duration of the festival. Because of federal requirements, everyone riding Valley Regional Transit buses, including the Treeline, must wear a mask.


There are so many efficient and affordable ways to get from place to place during Treefort. Walking is of course the easiest way to get around, but it’s fun to switch it up! Go to Skatefort with your board! Bust out your rollerskates! Rent an electric scooter! Fun fact: Boise Bicycle Project puts huge bike lock stations at most venues around town to support bikers during Treefort.


Let’s be real — cars can be a hassle during Treefort. If you have to drive, bring your friends along or hop into your friend’s car. Save time, money, and the environment!


All the music, movies, and yoga classes have you workin’ up an appetite. We got grub on the go from food trucks at Main Stage, food pairings for your beer at Alefort, and a luxurious Foodfort dinner on the Basque Block.


Mad Mac – Nothing scratches that itch like a big bowl of mac n’ cheese.
Boise Fry Co. – When you’re tired and delirious, you don’t want to make choices. You just want a damn burger.
Calle 75 Tacos – You’ll know what we’re tacoing about once you have a delicious bite from Calle 75.
Genki Takoyaki – In Japan it’s common for businessmen to party all night then go straight to work. Takoyaki makes this possible.
Gyro Shack – Traditional Greek gyros forged in the bowels of Mount Olympus by Hephaestus himself.
Neckar Coffee – This coffee is the only thing that will be keeping you alive by the end of Treefort.
Tony’s Tamales – Tamales are the original Hot Pocket AND the first energy bar, so pretty much the perfect festival food.
Rice Works – Treefort is the only acceptable place to eat a rice bowl by stuffing your face into it, though they also provide chopsticks.
Kanak Attack – What? Your specialty is island-style giant roast pigs? Just take our money.
ERTH Beverage Company – Take an intermission from your beer drinking and have a craft botanical soda.


Grab an Oktoberfest-style bite at Alefort thanks to Diablo & Sons Saloon. There will be pretzels, spaetzle, and schnitzel sandwiches plus bratwurst (Thursday + Friday only) and mushroom bierrock (Saturday + Sunday only).


Start the fest off right with Street Eats, a market-style shindig inspired by the night markets of the world, on Wednesday, September 22.

Local chefs meet local ingredients with Foodfort headliner Hugh Acheson to create a formal informal 5-course meal at Farm to Fest (ticket required) on Thursday, September 23.


We encourage all Treeforters to practice the 3 R’s: Reduce (what you don’t need), Reuse (no single use), Recycle (what you cannot refuse or reuse). Please do not litter – look down, pick up and use our awesome compost, recycle and trash stations!

Since 2014, we have had full-fledged trash, recycling and compost stations made of recycled pellets. The stations are run by our Green Team, a special fleet of volunteers that keeps Treefort tidy. After the festival, the compost goes to Whole Foods Market. Although there are many ways and opportunities to recycle during Treefort, ultimately it is up to you where you put your recyclable and compostable items.

Be sure to find a recycling bin when you have the following items:

    • Aluminum/Steel/Tin – cans of Proud Source Water*, soda, etc.
    • Plastic – Numbers 1-7 only; this means no plastic bags or utensils.
    • Paper – All paper except for paper that has been in contact with food and drink.
    • Corrugated Cardboard

These items are compostable:

    • Fruits & veggies
    • Coffee grounds & tea bags
    • Any sort of Earth stuff such as leaves

Everything else is TRASH: It does not belong on the ground or anywhere besides the trash can! So please take the time to throw it away properly so we can keep the festival and the city clean.

*Did you know Treefort vendors don’t sell plastic water bottles?

See you out there Treeforters!