Treefort Music Fest happens each year thanks to the hundreds of volunteers who lend a hand, and 2024 is no different. By volunteering, you’re joining ranks with 3,000 others who’ve made Treefort magic in the last ten years. We’re generously supported by the Boise Co-Op and Keystone Station. Stop by the Volunteer Tent (located right outside the Main Stage) for sustenance during the fest. We can’t wait to see you!

We’re so excited that you are a part of the volunteer program. By participating, you’ve made a commitment to festival-goers, artists, staff, and all 500+ of your fellow volunteers. While wearing your volunteer t-shirt and while on shift, you’ll be acting as a representative of our fest. We expect the following of those participating in our volunteer program to:

  • conduct oneself in accordance with the positive energy and good-will of Treefort Music Fest;
  • refrain from cell phone use while volunteering unless required by position or in case of emergency;
  • be adaptable if position change is required during one’s shift;
  • be willing to ask for help from volunteer managers, staff, and security;
  • be kind, courteous, and respectful of all festival-goers, venue owners and staff, other volunteers, and the City of Boise;
  • abstain from using any and all alcohol and/or illegal drugs prior to or during my scheduled shifts at Treefort Music Fest
  • Bring a reusable  water bottle

Volunteers Expecations 

  • Exercise good hygiene, such as frequently washing or sanitizing your hands.
  • If you’re experiencing symptoms, please test and/or stay home. There is no penalty for related absences. 
  • If you are experiencing a medical issue contact your shift supervisor, or call 911 for emergencies.


For detailed and up to date information about how our festival is planning for March, please visit our Health & Safety page.

Volunteers are required to work at least 3 shifts (est 15 hours) throughout the festival. At least one shift of your 3 shifts is required to be on Friday, Saturday, or Sunday evening/night. Under 21? You’re required to work at least 2 shifts (est 10 hours). Shifts are locked March 15th 2024. We’ll be capturing payments during the festival if volunteers do not show up for their scheduled shift. We understand that life throws twists + turns – if you can’t make your shift for any reason, please reach out to our team as soon as you’re aware of a conflict at volunteers@treefortmusicfest.com. 

We encourage you to try and find a substitute by posting on to the Treefort Music Fest Volunteers Facebook group, but be sure to notify us of this before the shift start time. Please do not email any other Treefort staff members or general email contacts as your message may not be received in time. In this case, we will count this as a no-show. 

A “no-show” is defined as: failing to arrive within 10 minutes of scheduled start time, missing a shift as a result of being refused entry at age 21+ venues due to being under 21, or by leaving your assigned task/location during a scheduled shift without the knowledge and approval of the Volunteer Coordinator or your volunteer team lead. A “no-show” during the festival may result in loss of privileges which will cause my $150 volunteer deposit to be captured as payment for the 5-day GA wristband.  If approved for a deposit waiver, a “no-show” will result in being ineligible for future volunteer opportunities and pass revocation (festival staff are made aware of revoked passes for entry into venues).

If you arrive late to your shift, your volunteer team lead has the option to excuse you from your shift. 2 or more late arrivals in one fest is grounds for loss of privileges. 

Your volunteer t-shirt is your uniform! Wear it whenever you are on shift. Since shifts may be outside (or may take you outside), it’s important that you dress appropriately for the weather. You might be standing or moving around, so we recommend comfortable shoes as a necessity. If possible, please leave larger bags and personal items at home, as there may not be secure areas to store them while volunteering. Inappropriate attire may be grounds for dismissal from a shift. 

While we love that you love our volunteer shirts, be sure to bring something to change into after if you plan on enjoying alcoholic beverages at the fest. If found drinking alcohol while wearing your volunteer shirt, you’ll be asked to change or leave the event. This is also grounds for dismissal from the volunteer program and loss of privileges.

Preparing for the fest means planning your transportation! Plan your routes on our Treeline Shuttle or the Valley Regional Transit bus. Check out routes here.

You find anyone that may need medical attention

If anyone appears to need medical attention, stay with the patient and send someone to alert the nearest Security personnel or the Medical Team located at the First Aid Station at Julia Davis Park. Security will all have radios and can communicate with the First Aid Station to send help. This is likely the fastest way to communicate, unless you are in eye sight of the Aid Station. We can then send help, assess the patient and treat as needed. 


You spot a disorderly festival-goer 

Treefort has protocol for disorderly conduct from festival-goers, artists, and other patrons of the fest; staff and security are well trained on what to do in these types of situations and will involve authorities as necessary. As soon as you see a festival-goer that is overtly disruptive, please notify your volunteer team manager, any staff member, venue staff member, or security immediately. Do not involve oneself in the situation. 


You feel uncomfortable on shift 

Our goal is to empower you as a volunteer and festival-goer. If at any point throughout the shift you feel uncomfortable, we encourage you to notify your volunteer team lead or any staff member immediately. If leaving the shift is necessary, please come to the volunteer lounge after notifying team lead. Someone can walk with you back to the volunteer lounge if desired. If a situation occurs outside of volunteer lounge hours, notify team lead, leave shift, and email volunteers@treefortmusicfest.com (this email is monitored daily 8:00 am – 2:30 am throughout the fest). 


You fall ill on shift 

If you start to fall ill while working a shift, we want you to feel comfortable leaving. However, you must notify the volunteer team lead to check out. This is important so we can fill your volunteer position for the remainder of the shift. 

If necessary, you can ask the volunteer team lead for an escort to the first aid tent.


There is an unsafe situation

As a volunteer, you play a key role in helping festival-goers enjoy Treefort in a safe environment. The most important safety tip we expect you to remember is: see something, say something. If something doesn’t look right, bring it up to your team lead, venue manager, security guard, or any Treefort staff member. All violations of the law should also be reported to local law enforcement. For emergencies, immediately dial 911. For non-emergencies, please contact the Boise Police Department at (208) 377-6790.