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Thank You Treefort 10!

Well that’s a wrap! We’ve closed out this Decade of Discovery, but by the feel of things this past week, it seems we’re all just gettin’ fired up for another decade! Treefort 10 was a wild, warm and sunny week of dancing and smiles.

Thank you for coming along with us! We couldn’t put on this festival of discovery without all the artists, volunteers, sponsors, Wefunders, venue + service industry workers, staff + crew, nonprofit partners, attendees and freeforters. Thank you for your support, energy and love. Cheers to participating in Treefort 10! We cannot believe it’ll be a full year before the next, but hyped to do it all over again with y’all: March 22-26, 2023.

Now, go forth and keep supporting all those new artists you discovered, relive every day of Treefort 10 + continue to rock throughout the year (ahem, check out upcoming Duck Club shows.)

Your Treefort Music Fest Crew