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Treefort is B Corp Certified

We’re proud to say that we have become a Certified Benefit Corporation as we go into our fifth year of Treefort (2016). More commonly referred to as “B Corp”, we began the work to receive this certification in the Fall of 2014 and have become the first and only music festival to receive B Corp status as of this summer.

“Treefort Music Fest was founded and formed by many individuals with a similar vision. After the third year of the festival, we found it necessary to look at our legal entity structure as more than a way to process the finances of the festival. We wanted it to represent our values in a way that preserved them into a legacy so those values could continue on, regardless of the individuals that chose to be involved.  

The knee-jerk reaction to this desire would be to form a non-profit entity (a 501(c)(3)). But, we felt that wasn’t enough, nor was it practical for our team. Simply applying for an entity type does not represent the working values of the entity. As such, we discovered the process of becoming a Certified B Corp. This process, and its end result filled our needs, both from a values-based perspective and a business perspective. Further, because of the influential nature of the music industry, we felt that we had an opportunity to shine a light on the responsibility any business has to identify and represent its stakeholders, not just its shareholders.”

— Lori Shandro Oüten, Treefort Music Fest Producer and Co-Founder

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Treefort Music Fest weaves together the music, art, cultural and creative communities of Boise into a strong, integral, mutually beneficial fabric that values solvency not only in the financial realm, but also in the realms of social and environmental good. Earning B Corp certification independently honors the rigor and validity of this core dynamic — it establishes us as a proud peer among the growing community of local, statewide, national and global Certified B Corps.

Treefort is successful in large part because of our social and environmental values and because we share these values with our many supporters and sponsoring organizations. New Belgium Brewing, a sponsor since the first year of the festival, became a B-Corp in 2013. New Belgium’s dedication to employee ownership and the protection of the environment is a B-Corp tradition Treefort is excited to emulate.

Within our local Boise peer community we are THRILLED about the following interconnections with other B Corps. Oliver Russell, which provides brand-marketing services to purpose-driven companies and organizations—from the Fortune 50 to social entrepreneurs, has been an annual Treefort sponsor and has conducted highly insightful market research on millenial values during the festival. HAPPYFAMILY, a premium organic children’s food company, stepped up with huge help by mentoring us into the B Corp certification process. Eco2Librium, an energy and forestry related social and sustainability enterprise, has agreed to partner with us in offsetting the festival’s carbon footprint.

We were certified by the nonprofit organization B Lab to meet rigorous standards of social and environmental performance, accountability and transparency. Internally, we evaluated how our practices impacted our employees, community, volunteers, artists, the environment and attendees. Being re-appointed Boise’s Cultural Ambassador in 2015, both inspired and fueled Treefort’s work.

Join us in being part of the change, visit bcorporation.net to learn more.