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Treefort 2022 Second Chance Shows

Second Chance shows are official unofficial Treefort shows.

All Second Chance shows are free and open to the public!

Some of these shows are not “technically” part of Treefort (you won’t find some of them on the schedule) – they are hosted by our friends, pals and partners and give you a chance to see an artist you may have missed due to conflicts in your schedule, napping, catching up with pals at Alefort or resting your weary legs at Filmfort!

Here are all the daytime party deets you need! Scroll down to check out all the dope showcases that’ll be at Treefort, too! And be sure to check back often as things often get updated.


We know you love to listen to music while you ride the bus, now we’re gonna bring the music to you while you’re riding the Treeline bus. The Treeline circulator is all ages and masks are required*

Wednesday, March 23

6:30pm Scott Knickerbocker

8:00pm Hillfolk Noir

9:30pm David Henry

11:00pm Canyon Kids

Thursday, March 24

6:30pm Jacob Skeen

8:00pm Andrew Dixon

9:30pm Afrosonics

11:00pm Hillfolk

Friday, March 25

6:30pm Wonderly

8:00pm Madeline Hawthorne

9:30pm Lonesome Jetboat Ramblers

11:00pm James Plane Wreck (solo)

Saturday, March 26

6:30pm Abigail Lapell

8:00pm Wonderly

9:30pm Scott Knickerbocker

11:00pm Madeline Hawthorne


Record stores are an endangered resource in this day and age. Having a stellar record store within a festival footprint seems almost imaginable. Enter: our pals at The Record Exchange! Don’t miss perusing their stocked aisles for some records while you’re at Treefort and while you’re there, check out their Second Chance shows — they’re always a memorable time!


A stage sandwiched between a local brewery (Woodland) and a local restaurant (Manfred’s)? Say less.
1114 W Front St. OUTSIDE // ALL AGES

Wednesday, March 23

6:00pm Void Strider

7:00pm Kadabra

8:00pm The Max Beefwater Band

9:00pm Ghost Funk Orchestra

Thursday, March 24

Wyoming Showcase

4:00pm Christian Wallowing Bull

5:00pm Missy Jo

6:00pm De Gringos Y Gremmies

7:00pm Walk The Doctor

8:00pm Wynona

9:10pm Benyaro

Friday, March 25

1:20pm Bone Haus

2:20pm Forty Feet Tall

3:20pm Moldes

4:20pm Holy Wave

5:30pm Tropa Magica

6:40pm Dirt Miller

7:40pm Sarah Shook & The Disarmers

9:00pm TK & The Holy Know-Nothings

Saturday, March 26

Made in Canada Showcase hosted by Music BC

2:00pm Abigail Lapell

3:00pm Tallies

4:00pm Vox Rea

5:00pm Strange Breed

6:00pm Daysormay

7:00pm Meltt

8:00pm Hot Garbage

9:00pm Yoo Doo Right

Sunday, September 27

Freakout Showcase

1:00pm Peliculas Geniales

2:00pm Jenny Don’t & The Spurs

3:00pm Atalhos

4:00pm Zeta

5:00pm Pink Fuzz

6:00pm Mala Suerte

7:00pm New Candys

8:00pm Mint Field

9:00pm Shaina Shepherd


They’ve been pairing wine with cheeses since the dawn of time. Now, it’s time to pair music to those varietals!
888 W Fort St. (21+)

Thursday, March 24

5:00pm Whitaker & Oliver

6:00pm Abigail Lapell

7:00pm Gregory Rawlins

Friday, March 25

5:00pm Ana Lete

6:00pm Jeremy James Meyer

7:00pm Sam Steffen

Saturday, March 26

5:00pm James Plane Wreck (solo)

6:00pm Jesse Blake Rundle

7:00pm Oyó


Radio Boise is constantly on the speakers at Treefort HQ, in fact, many staff members are involved with the station as DJs (past & present), volunteers, employees and more! We love & support community radio and it’s fun to watch it come to life on an outdoor stage at Treefort!
1070 W Grove St. OUTSIDE // ALL AGES

Thursday, March 24

3:00pm Lung

4:50pm Isla De Caras

6:20pm Psychic Bloom

7:40pm MAITA

Friday, March 25

4:00pm Youth Variety Showcase [Kidfort]

6:10pm Bad Optics

7:40pm Magna Carda

Saturday, March 26

1:10pm Cat Valley

2:20pm French Cassettes

3:40pm The Blind Suns

5:10pm WEEED

6:40pm Atalhos

8:00pm Spirit Award

Sunday, March 27

12:50pm Hip Hop Showcase

2:40pm Blushh

4:00pm Paul Jacobs

5:20pm Ducks LTD

6:50pm Death Lens


The only LIBRARY! in Boise that allows loud music.
Neurolux (21+)

Friday, March 25

1:00pm Frankie Tillo

1:30pm Transistor Send

2:15pm Blix 

3:00pm Up Is The Down Is The

3:45pm Lady Dan

4:40pm Joshua Lewis


You’ll wanna pucker up at the many delicious sours Barbarian has on tap! Don’t worry, these bands won’t sour your Treefort; they’ll only enhance it!
Barbarian Brewing (21+)

Friday, March 25

1:00pm – 6:00pm

This Lonesome Paradise

Ryan Curtis

Jeremy James Meyer

Erisy Watt

Jeremy Ferrara


Ever gotten in a tricycle race inside a bar? Now’s your chance. Grab a bike and these bands will provide the ride tunes!
1519 W Main St. (21+)

Friday, March 25


6:00pm Madeline Hawthorne

7:15pm The Mutineers

8:15pm Bone Haus

9:15pm Rachaels Children

10:15pm Mowth

Saturday, March 26


5:30pm Mighty Band of Microbes


7:00pm Jacob T Skeen

8:15pm Dinner Time

9:15pm Nordista Freeze

10:30pm The Macks


Never miss a sunny day having a beer on their patio, now it’s even more complete with live tunage from these fine folks!
1420 W Grove St. (21+)

Thursday, March 24

1:00pm The Mutineers

2:00pm Brad Parsons

3:00pm Voidstrider

4:00pm Black Ends

5:00pm Bed Bits

Friday, March 25

1:00pm Coral Grief

2:00pm Ham’s House

3:00pm Future.Exboyfriend

4:00pm Serpentfoot

5:00pm The Plagiarists

Saturday, March 26

1:00pm Slurm Flirty Worm

2:00pm Dear Rabbit

3:00pm Corn Mash

4:00pm Bluebook

5:00pm Pink Fuzz


You’ll wanna cozy up at CAMP Modern — hosting bands in their parking lot for the past seven or eight years, it’s the primo spot to have a delicious cocktail, listen to music and meet new friends!
The Modern Hotel: 1314 W Grove St. OUTSIDE // ALL AGES

Friday, March 25

2:00pm Madeline Hawthorne

3:00pm Atlas Engine

4:00pm SunDog

5:00pm Claudine Magbag

6:00pm Husbands

7:00pm Brother.

Saturday, March 26

1:00pm Bill Waters

2:00pm Babehoven

3:00pm Jacob T. Skeen

4:00pm Smokey Brights

5:00pm Margo Cilker

6:00pm Zelma Stone

7:00pm Waltzer

Sunday, March 27

1:00pm Frankie Tillo

2:00pm Night Heron

3:00pm Bluebook

4:00pm Sedona

5:00pm Paul Cherry

6:00pm Ed Schrader’s Music Beat

7:00pm Nordista Freeze


A longtime favorite Treefort experience for many festival goers was catching an acoustic set at this Boise mainstay.
Bittercreek Alehouse // ALL AGES

Friday, March 25

11:00am Joseph Lyle

12:00pm The Mutineers

1:00pm Ryan Curtis

Saturday, March 26

10:00am Jonathan Warren

11:00am Bloom and Jon from Bread & Circus

12:00pm Corn Mash

1:00pm Ryan Curtis

Sunday, March 27

10:00am Dustin Morris

11:00am Lanae Alvis

12:00pm Madeline Kelly

1:00pm Blake War


We’ve heard kick flips are best performed near a kick drum….just sayin’
Rhodes Skate Park OUTSIDE // ALL AGES

Saturday, March 26

12:00pm Eleven & Jason D

12:40pm RAHKEEM

1:50pm Jango

3:00pm The French Tips

4:00pm Beverly Crusher


Studies have shown people tend to drink more when there’s live music. Prove it!
521 W Broad St. OUTSIDE // ALL AGES

Thursday, March 24

5:00pm Garry Goldrush & The Oily Boys

6:00pm Left on Tenth

7:00pm The Slaps

8:00pm The Phets

9:00pm Vista Kicks

Friday, March 25

4:00pm Lee Rafugee

5:00pm Tycoon Machete

6:00pm The Spyrals

7:00pm Billy Big Rig

8:00pm Red Light Cameras

9:00pm Prism B!tch

Saturday, March 26

3:00pm Mylo Bybee

4:00pm King Youngblood

5:00pm Power House

6:00pm Gilda House

7:00pm Balto

8:00pm The Red Pears

9:00pm Lounge on Fire


Tucked away in the Lusk District, you can easily hail down the Blue Bus to hitch a ride to quite possibly one of the best patios in Boise.
1026 S La Pointe St. OUTSIDE // ALL AGES

Thursday, March 24

4:30pm Grocer

5:40pm The Ophelias

6:40pm Ricardo Richaid

7:50pm Vox Rea

9:00pm Boot Juice

Friday, March 25

2:30pm Brad Parsons

3:50pm Benyaro

5:00pm Dear Rabbit

6:00pm Cigarette Speedway

7:00pm The Macks

8:00pm Daysormay

9:10pm Free Creatures

Saturday, March 26

2:00pm The Painted Roses

3:00pm Kyler Daron

4:00pm Erin Cole-Baker

5:00pm Olivia Awbrey

6:00pm SunDog

7:00pm Jared Mattson

8:00pm Blunt Bangs

9:00pm Left on Tenth


Payette has been serving Boise for just over a decade now and now they’re ready to serve Treeforters some rockin’ live music!!
733 S Pioneer St. OUTSIDE // ALL AGES

Friday, March 25

4:00pm De Gringos Y Gremmies

5:00pm Waltzer

6:20pm Wazumbians

7:40pm Afrosonics

9:00pm Jupiter Holiday

Saturday, March 26

2:00pm Hillfolk Noir

3:00pm Lady Dan

4:10pm Sons of Guns

5:20pm Brad Parsons

6:30pm Proxima Parada

7:40pm Bread & Circus

9:00pm Boot Juice

The following shows are hosted by our friends and pals, however they are not free and open to the public. You need a festival wristband to attend.

Snag a festival wristband and look at all the different passes that are available, here!


Do you like funk, soul, dance music, maybe even a little hippie dancing? You’ve found the perfect showcase right here!
Knitting Factory: 416 S 9th St. // ALL AGES

Thursday, March 24

6:10pm Lounge on Fire

7:20pm Free Creatures

8:20pm High Step Society

9:20pm Yak Attack

10:30pm Marchfourth Marching Band


Stewards of the rooftop Sunday parties in Downtown Boise WOH Club is a collection of badass DJs that make ya wanna dance!
Adelmann North & South (Capital City Event Center) (18+)

Friday, March 25

Adelmann South

9:00pm The Flip

10:00pm Babe Prophit

11:00pm Turner Keyes

12:00am Morgin Madison

1:00am Snuggle Bunny

Adelmann North

9:00pm WOH CLUB

10:00pm Royhobbs

11:00pm Bearkat

12:00am Ham’s House

1:00am Rahkeem


Well, obviously you appreciate community-based, participant-driven music and art cause you’re at Treefort, but did you know Esthetic Evolution is another festival in Idaho, providing a similar vibe, shall we say “esthetically”? Focusing more on electronic, dance and the like — you’ll wanna dance your face off this year at Treefort to make up for the EE fests that we’ve missed.
Adelmann North & South (Capital City Event Center) (18+)

Saturday, March 26

Adelmann South

9:00pm Ratheavan

10:00pm Elijah Andres

11:00pm Autonomic Pilot

12:30am Sharlese

Adelmann North

9:00pm Stevil

10:00pm J Wayne

11:00pm Erin O’Connor

12:00am Sunshine Jones


If you’ve never been to a Nancy Party in Boise, ohhhh boyyyy, you don’t wanna miss this showcase! Nancys and non-Nancys welcome!
The Balcony (21+)

Friday, March 25

11:00pm Orographic

11:40pm N3ptune

12:10am Black Velvet

1:00am Not That Jennifer


Celebrating all that is samba to salsa, cumbia to calypso and much more! Put on your fave dancing shoes and get ready to twirl and swirl with us at the Tropico 208 Showcase!
Basque Center // ALL AGES

Saturday, March 26

5:20pm Irvin Brown

6:20pm Nueva Generación 2000

7:30pm Tejano Outlaw

8:40pm Impulso

9:50pm Ricardo Richaid

11:00pm Isla De Caras

12:10am Zeta