Wake Up, Leonard



Part self-help nightmare and all comedy, WAKE UP, LEONARD is a feel good movie about feeling bad. This is the story of a broken-hearted seeker with a tenuous grasp on wellness and too much faith in the Universe. We open on Leonard moving into a new apartment with help from his perpetually stoned sister Orla. An out-of-work actor and overworked assistant, Leonard rushes to his boss's house to hang Christmas decorations, and receives an unexpected text from his ex that gives Leonard all the false hope and a little direction. An improvised feature shot during the pandemic, WAKE UP, LEONARD explores themes of mental health, queer love, and self-acceptance that asks, "It's a wonderful life?" Directed by: Kat Mills Martin Runtime: 73 mins
Sat 3/25 7:00pm: WAKE UP, LEONARD at The Flicks
Wake Up, Leonard