Portland, OR

Jan and Tovas Porvas married in 2006 and have performed together around the world ever since. Jan Porvas is a composer, instrumentalist and band leader of Tora'dan. He was born in Tabriz/ Iran to a family of musicians where music was a spiritual practice. He wrote his first song at 10 and started his musical career at 17 by playing the keyboard in several bands. After meeting with his Sufi master, mystic and artist Cavit Murtezaoğlu, Jan started to learn about philosophy of music as a vehicle of traveling on the path of mysticism, transforming him and his music. He learned and mastered Tanbur and Daf, instruments in the heart of "Yarsan", the spiritual tradition he belongs to. Iran's post revolution environment brought severe restrictions for musicians: carrying an instrument or being discovered playing in groups risked arrest and confiscation of the instruments. In 2016, seeking freedom to practice his love of music and spiritual expression, Jan and his family migrated to the United States. In 2020, he released his first Album Yar Kapisi Gateway to the Beloved) where he went deeper in his spiritual, musical quest of bringing together traditions. Mixing Middle Eastern spiritual musical themes with Western musical harmonies.Tovas Porvas was born in Baku, Azerbaijan, and began playing music at just 6 years old. She sang and performed in many festivals in Baku, often placing among the top three young performers. Tovas is a poet for more than a decade, the duo has been united in their mutual love for music.Today she aims to keep their Yarsan Ahle Hagh cultural traditions alive and thriving through the arts. In 2012 she started her professional vocal lessons with Cavit Murtezaoglu and learned about middle eastern Magams and Radif she also learned to how to compose from him as an apprenticeship.In 2016 she created her first music group Tora’dan with her husband Jan Porvas.She did composed all the songs .Defenition of Tora’dan is whisper coming from the deep of the well. Prograssiv rock Moved to America in 2016 Performed in different festivals such as Treefort ,California world fest,World Village fest,.. Recently one of her songs has been performed in the Ankara Turkey Symphonic orchestra with one of the famous singers and artist Feryal Oney.
Thu 3/23 10:45am: Fire + Ice Yoga with Susanna Cagle and Tora'dan at Basque Center
Sat 3/25 5:30pm: Tora'dan at El Korah Shrine