The Sweet and Lowdown with Kimberly Thompson


Charleston, SC

"Kimberly is delighted to be a part of Yoga fort this year! She is an RYT300 and Certified Y12SR leader (The Yoga of 12 step Recovery.) Kimberly is the founder of White Flag Wellness and leads weekly in person and online meetings/ practices, as well as life changing Recovery Retreats, special events and workshops. Addiction = Separation Yoga = Union a coming together of all parts Body Mind Spirit. With levity and grace Kimberly states that she is in long term recovery from ALL THE THINGS! White Flag was born out of a primitive desire to thrive in life and recovery from addiction. Addiction can be defined as any behavior that we continue to engage in despite negative results. Addiction touches EVERYONE on the planet either personally or by someone we know. Come join Kimberly for a nourishing journey inward and hOMe to that which was never not there! Connection circle, followed by her signature embodiment practice. Gentle nourishing nad activating, fun! You will fiinsh feeling embodied and grounded. {OPEN TO EVERYONE! You do NOT have to be in recovery, or part of a 12 step group.} "
Fri 3/24 12:15pm: The Sweet and Lowdown with Kimberly Thompson and Compersion at Basque Center
The Sweet and Lowdown with Kimberly Thompson