The Soothsayerz


Taos, NM

After 20 plus years of honing their craft and releasing music apart, The two Taos, NM born emcee's Liphe Tracks and Neight Larcen decided it was time to create a project together. That project quickly gained momentum and incredible support so they decided to bring Santa Fe's renowned DJ Dmonic into the mix and form a New Mexico Hip Hop super group. That group is "The Soothsayerz". With soulful melodies, drums that slap and cuts to match, The Soothsayerz take you back to the golden era of Hip Hop where lyricism is sharp and conviction is powerful. They are the perfect flavor for Hip Hop connoisseurs and Boom Bap aficionados looking for what's been missing from rap culture in recent years.
Fri 3/24 8:40pm: The Soothsayerz at Spacebar Arcade
Sun 3/26 7:00pm: The Soothsayerz at Boise Brewing
The Soothsayerz