The Seshen


Bay Area, CA

The Seshen is a San Francisco Bay Area six-piece band whose songs exist between the lines: in the space between waking and dreaming, ego and collective consciousness, and that blurred horizon where earth meets sea meets sky. Anchored by Lalin St. Juste's sly, silver vocals and cerebral yet danceable rhythms from producer-bassist Akiyoshi Ehara, their music pulls from a deep well of electronic influences, R&B, and indie rock. Drummer Chris Thalmann, keyboard/synth player Mahesh Rao, percussionist Mirza Kopelman, and sequencer Kumar Butler make the music three-dimensional, blending live and digital instrumentation to create the band's signature transportive sound.
Fri 3/24 11:10pm: The Seshen at El Korah Shrine
Sun 3/26 5:50pm: The Seshen at Bandshell
The Seshen