The Macks


Portland, OR

“Walloping heaviosity threaded with streams of blues and thrash... doesn’t begin to describe The Macks’ sound. This is music that takes you places." (WIllamette Week) The Macks are brothers Josef and Ben Windheim, Sam Fulwiler, Jacob Michael Perris, and Aidan Harrison. In 2022, the band came out with their lockdown project "Rabbit", a raw and progressive take on rock and roll that launched them towards festivals and tours from Idaho to Mexico City. And now, before taking even a moment to breathe, The Macks are following it up with another release just months later. Self-produced in their Portland home, "Dajiban" builds on the creative successes of "Rabbit", driving the band into more expansive, catchy, gnarly, and unmistakably "Macks" territory. With a lineup that has the group firing on all cylinders both live and in the studio, "Portland's Best New Band" (WW) is exuding an invitational power that has folks turning heads, tuning in, and spelling it right.
Thu 3/23 11:20pm: The Macks at The Olympic
Fri 3/24 7:00pm: The Macks at Boise Brewing
The Macks