The BOMB Pulse


New Orleans, LA

If you ever caught Boise-based dance-punk band the Simplots, we regret to inform you that they've been sued into oblivion by you-know-who* and will never perform at Treefort again. Luckily, Dylan Eller (guitar) and Cody Goin (bass) packed up and moved down to New Orleans, Louisiana where they joined forces with Eli "Danger" Gentzler (drums) to continue their task of creating dance-able, obnoxious, and occasionally catchy tunes for you to ignore while you smoke cigarettes outside. Think James Chance & the Contortions, ESG, and some of that DFA Records kinda stuff. Duck and cover, we got a new drummer. BOMB PULSE. *This is a lie. Don't get any ideas.
Sat 3/25 6:00pm: The BOMB Pulse at Hound Garage (Bus Station)
The BOMB Pulse