Summer Like The Season


Detroit, MI

Summer Like The Season is an indie rock/bizarro-pop band performing the musical musings of Summer Krinsky. Based out of Detroit, Summer’s sound is characterized by poppy vocals mingling with polyrhythmic harmonies, bizarre breakbeats, and ethereal soundscapes. Exploring themes of this cyborg era, the musical/lyrical content examines the intermediary role technology plays in modern identity. The sound is stylized by the use of mixing and production as a compositional foundation, tracing the edge between live instrumentation and contemporary electronics. Summer experiments with programming novel audio controllers and designing interactive installations, pushing boundaries to ameliorate human/digital expression. For the live show meticulous songwriting collides with bursting noise, Summer plays drum kit and sings alongside Scott Murphy (synth/electric violin/mpc) and Liam McNitt (guitar/backup vox/electronics).
Wed 3/22 10:30pm: Summer Like The Season at Treeline Bus #1
Fri 3/24 8:00pm: Summer Like The Season at Camp Modern
Sat 3/25 8:20pm: Summer Like The Season at The Funky Taco
Sun 3/26 4:10pm: Summer Like The Season at Old School
Summer Like The Season