Street Fever


Boise, ID

Street Fever is a mixed media anonymous producer/artist/designer from Boise ID. They blend sounds from multiple genres, from industrial techno, hardcore and even rap to give you a seductive, hard hitting sound that will take you on an energetic journey and leave you in a cold sweat. They’re known for their energetic, captivating live shows that continue to evolve into something new each time they perform. Street fever is also an endurance artist with a focus in displays of self sacrifice. They deliver these displays as a way for them to work though their own energy and lived experiences in contemporary spaces in hopes to channel energy that can be healing for themself and others. They also run the label ENCHAÎNÉ MODE and jewelry/accessories brand ENCHAÎNÉ HARDWARE and curate a monthly event in Boise called “OIL” at AI Boise that aims to connect artists all over the world through performance art, art culture, design and music. They are set to release their album in June along with an art show that will happen over a series of days with interactive displays and live art. Street Fever aims to deliver captivating, all encompassing visual experiences on and off the stage that act as a channel for change that can be experienced by all. Find everything you need to know and more via these Instagram pages. @streetfever @enchaine_mode @enchaine_hardware
LATE Fri 3/24 12:30am: Street Fever + Deeveaux at El Korah Shrine
Street Fever