Los Angeles, CA

Starya, formerly “Tuff Ghost,” is a vocalist, DJ, and producer based in Los Angeles. Well-versed in live performance, Starya has been playing in bands since she was 15 and DJing professionally since 2016, performing worldwide, from underground LA clubs to international tours at major venues. 2022 saw Starya open a portal into her universe through her cosmic sound as she revealed singles "Manipulator" and "The Garden" on Popgang Records and closed out the landmark year with the self-release of "Clouds" through her independent label Spells. Additionally, Starya has played across the US at major events in cities like NYC, San Francisco, and Las Vegas, most notably performing alongside legendary acts Justice and 2ManyDJs in the world's largest inflatable dome at the LA Coliseum.
LATE Thu 3/23 12:50am: Starya at Spacebar Arcade
LATE Fri 3/24 12:00am: Starya at The Balcony