Smokey Brights


Seattle, WA

Fronted by married songwriting duo Kim West and Ryan Devlin, Smokey Brights exude intimacy. The swirling synths of keyboardist/vocalist West cut through the heaviness of Devlin’s fuzzed out guitars like a neon sign in the night. Bassist Luke Ragnar fills in the bottom end with stylishly inventive bass lines that perfectly compliment Nick Krivchenia’s grounded and authoritative drums. With Ragnar’s voice in the mix, the band’s hallmark three part harmonies radiate. Lyrically, Devlin and West trade off telling personal stories of doubt and existential anxiety, while always keeping a hopeful eye to the future. Devlin’s gravel filled voice alongside West’s honey dipped melodies is a shot of raw whiskey spiking a cherry soda. The resulting alchemy is performed with a professional aplomb that not only highlights Smokey Brights stellar musicianship, but the genuine passion and love the group has for their music, each other, and their audience. Smokeys fans will be thrilled to hear the band is releasing TWO new records in 2023. An EP entitled "Broken Too" is out in January on Freakout Records, and a full length entitled "Levitator" will be dropping this Summer on Nine Mile Records.
Fri 3/24 2:30pm: Smokey Brights at Main Stage
Smokey Brights