Sam Steffen


Bethlehem, PA

Sam Steffen is a Boise-based singer-songwriter whose songs are the torch-wood for a new generation of folk music that has not only learned from the best stuff in the tradition but also aims, in spite of everything, to keep the human spirit alive and kicking. A versatile musician and skilled finger-picker, Sam is at heart a story-teller, and a prolific one, with more than a dozen albums to speak of. He's been writing songs for over a decade, now, and has accumulated a vast arsenal of original music that ranges from the personal to the political. His songs have been featured in academic lectures, political protests, worship services, bars, restaurants, coffeehouses, concert venues, festivals, street corners, weddings, funerals, living rooms, in podcasts and on the radio. He currently lives in Boise with his wife and dog.
Sun 3/26 6:30pm: Sam Steffen at The District
Sam Steffen