Pink Sky


Grand Rapids, MI

Pink Sky is the electronic band and collaborative art project led by husband and wife artists, Ryan and Angelica Hay. A concept-driven group, Pink Sky creates emotional electronica & art-rock for turbulent times. Their performances include live drums and visual projections, and their unique style of electronica resonates equally in clubs, galleries, and non-traditional public spaces. The band’s extensive catalog reflects their path towards healing and the many deaths and rebirths that happened along the way. In their upcoming LP, Total Devotion, the band emerges in their latest incarnation—no longer an instrumental electronic band. With no shows to play and nowhere to go but inside, Ryan and Angelica had no choice but to face all the feelings that had no words, just song names and melodies. In confronting and working through these feelings, these memories, these rememberings, there were many breakdowns, but each one seemed to be followed by a breakthrough. Now, Ryan and Angelica are caught in an infinite loop of love, of life after life after life, and Pink Sky is the ongoing documentation of their realization, captured in real-time since their debut album FORMS, which began to be recorded the moment that they started making music together. Their next album, Total Devotion, is the story of all their love, all their dreams, all the times it all fell apart, and all the times they put it back together.
Sat 3/25 4:20pm: Pink Sky at The Shredder
Pink Sky