Petite Amie


Mexico City, MEX

Petite Amie is a psychedelic pop-rock band from Mexico City. In 2019, the group of musicians decided to get together to write songs, releasing a set of singles a year after that would place them as one of top rising acts of the Mexican alternative rock scene. These songs became their self-titled debut LP, released in October 2021 with Devil In the Woods. Their lyrics are characterized by the expression of the existential angst generated by the search for the “self” in an increasingly impersonal world, where the line between what’s real and what’s virtual crystallizes. In this sense, Petite Amie’s music fluctuates between different genres, based on psychedelic pop-rock. Their main influences include classics like the Beatles, Pink Floyd, and newer sounds such as Big Thief, Magic Potion, Unknown Mortal Orchestra, and Crumb.
Fri 3/24 6:00pm: Petite Amie at Cyclops
Sat 3/25 9:00pm: Petite Amie at Neurolux
Petite Amie