"Music For Mushrooms" - Work-in-Progress Preview


Marking acclaimed musical artist EAST FOREST’S directorial debut, MUSIC FOR MUSHROOMS documents the stories of transformation amidst this unprecedented time in history. Inspired by a series of significant firsthand listener experiences, the film sets out to examine the logic and mystery of why music is so potent in impacting personal transformation, and to better understand the modern psychedelic movement – culturally, musically, socially, and psychologically. Weaving together interviews with artists, academics, and cultural experts in the fields of psychedelics, science, music and philosophy – voices like Xochitl Ashe, Hanifa Nayo Washington, Spring Washam, Dr. Robin Carhart-Harris, Robert Thurman, and more – the film explores first hand experiences, wisdom traditions, and data-backed evidence of how these timeless tools impact the human psyche, nervous system and more.