Portland, OR

!mindparade's interest in dissolving the traditional boundaries between pop, experimentalism, and composition produces a kaleidoscopic output inclusive of many influences. At their home studio, songwriter/multi-instrumentalist Alex Arnold collaborates with friends to flesh out the project's recordings and live iterations, resulting in albums and shows that balance orchestrated rock, synthpop, experimental noise, and ambient group improvisation. !mindparade has been described as “an ambitious low-fi bedroom symphony marked by flourishing psychedelic arrangements and dreamy tunes that recall everything from Deerhunter to T. Rex to the Elephant 6 Collective”. The band has been releasing home recorded albums since 2012, and in 2020 founded their own label, Neon Underground Archives, in Portland, OR, in order to self-release their experimental rock album entitled Hypertonic.
Fri 3/24 9:10pm: !mindparade at Camp Modern