Vancouver, CAN

Meltt is a collection of four multi-instrumentalists sonically painting their own dreamscapes with psychedelic-guitars, swelling-synthesizers, powerful-drums, and ethereal-vocals. The indie/psych rock band has been praised for their combination of heavy riffs, colourful instrumentation, detail oriented production, and multi-layered songwriting. With an equal love for the blissfully tripped out and the powerfully crunchy areas of music, a Meltt album or show is designed to transport the listener to spaces they have only previously dreamt of. In 2019 Meltt released their debut full-length album Swim Slowly, a diverse twelve-track reflection on love, mortality, time, personal growth and the hazy line between the spiritual and material worlds. Since then, the band has accumulated tens of millions of streams and thousands of enthusiastic fans. In 2022 the band released three singles, embarked on its first North American tour in March and its second in August. In 2023 the band is set to release 2 new singles leading up to a 5 song EP on March 3rd. On the same date Meltt will play the first show of their March 2023 West Coast tour in Seattle. This tour will take them down the US coast on their way to showcases at both SXSW and Treefort Music Festival. Throughout 2023 the band plans on releasing a number of singles culminating in their sophomore album due to release in September.
Fri 3/24 5:30pm: Meltt at El Korah Shrine
Sat 3/25 9:10pm: Meltt at Cyclops