Maureen Ferguson


Philadelphia , PA

Maureen Ferguson is a fraud whose biting social satire and unique delivery have helped her con her way into writing and performing opportunities all over the country. Most recently, her forthcoming script with writing partner Belynda Cleare has made them finalists in the Yes And Laughter Lab. Her improv group, Million Dollar Mouth has opened for performers like Mark Normand and Chris Getthard. Maureen’s prevalent daddy issues have earned her a spot on The Risk! Show’s “Best of” podcast episode alongside Michael Ian Black. She has collaborated with GRAMMY-winning producers, and although she signed an NDA and can’t disclose specifics, the dulcet tones of Maureen’s sultry voice have been featured in radio voiceovers nationwide. Maureen’s standup was featured in The Ladies’ Room Fest, The Last Comix Standing, and Musikfest.
Fri 3/24 8:00pm: Comedy! Friday - Early Show Boise Center at Boise Centre East (Room 420A)
Sat 3/25 10:30pm: Comedy! Saturday - Late Show Mad Swede at Mad Swede Brew Hall
Maureen Ferguson