Malayna Ellis

Music Talks

Malayna Ellis was born and raised in Dallas, TX and studied Public Relations at the University of Texas at Austin before moving out to Los Angeles five years ago to work in music. She has worked in Creative Sync licensing since then on the pitching side, first at Glassnote Records, and is now currently at BUTTER Music and Sound as their Manager of Creative Sync + A&R, overseeing a roster of over 60 artists and partnerships with 6 record labels. In addition to her pitching role, she also currently assists the Music Supervision department at BUTTER, and has assisted on several large campaigns over the past couple of years, including Google's Year in Search spot in 2021. When not seeing shows or hanging out on the patio at Zebulon LA, you can find her grabbing a cappuccino at her favorite local coffee shop or attending a yoga class.
Fri 3/24 1:30pm: Music Supervision: Cutting Through The Noise at Boise Centre East (Room 420A)
Sat 3/25 1:30pm: What…. Is Sync? at Boise Centre East (Room 420A)
Malayna Ellis