Liz Taylor


Silverdale, WA

Liz Taylor 🤝 Nice to meet you. Social strategy is my role, but I'm a social butterfly by nature.🦋 Networking with individuals of all backgrounds and making connections makes my heart flutter. 🧐 If you asked CliftonStrengths about my top 5 they'd say: 1. Woo 2. Communication 3. Positivity 4. Arranger 5. Strategic 👥 If you asked my colleagues they'd say: "She's the unofficial tour guide of Boise." "She knows everyone."* Or "Liz wants to take our photo again." 📷 I have over 64,000 photos in my library, but my dog has more Instagram followers than I do. (@TheLoveMastiff) If I haven't scared you away, let's connect. *Ok, maybe not everyone
Sat 3/25 1:00pm: iWit Presents - 5 power house roles you wouldn’t expect in the tech industry at Boise Centre East (Room 410B)
Liz Taylor