Keo & Them


Wichita, KS

The enigmatic nature of Wichita, Kansas’ Keo & Them doesn’t end with the band’s name, it runs deep into the soul of everything the group does. Formed in 2018 by Keo, the collective features a revolving cast of players who, one way or another leave an indelible mark. “It’s one of the contradictions of the band,” says Keo, “I’m the constant but everybody who comes through adds something, some dimension that gives me room to explore different areas with my songs. That movement is a true gift.” Some might say that the music is almost never the same way twice—except for one critical quality: Keo remains dedicated to quality performances and memorable songs. “I’ve had trumpet players in the band and when they leave, we add a backup singer and then they add something that sounds like a trumpet line or,” Keo adds, “sometimes a guitar player will pick up on a vocal line from a song and make it into something new. So, if you’re a fan of our music, you’ll probably always find something new in there no matter how many shows you come to, no matter how many times you hear a song.” The Texas native’s musical style eludes easy categorization. Like the popular music of the 1960s and 1970s, the sound is a confluence of disparate elements that somehow never sound incongruous. “I grew up listening to the radio,” Keo says, “it was always on in the house, the car, whatever, so whatever I heard, I could always find something I liked and, when I started writing songs, I figured, ‘Why not put all the things I love into one place?’” There are, quite simply, some acts that thrive in the live arena and Keo & Them remains one. The singer notes, “I like recording and I want to do more of it but there’s something about being on the stage that really keeps the music alive. It’s like you can’t tame it or something and each time it reveals more about itself.” That live setting has led the Wichita outfit to open for a diverse array of artists including Hannibal Lecter & The Nice Chianti, The Milton Berle Experience, and Rowdy Roddy Piper. “We’re the kind of band that is very much itself but can appeal to the widest possible demographic—people who grew up listening to Pink Floyd love us as much as people who are growing up on Greta Van Fleet,” says Keo, “even though we don’t sound like either one.” As for the future of the band, Keo remains dedicated to bringing the music to a wider audience. “We want to go out and meet more people, play for different audiences and see where the music takes us.”
Thu 3/23 8:40pm: Keo & Them at The District
Sat 3/25 4:20pm: Keo & Them at KIN
Keo & Them