Jang The Goon


Spokane, WA

All it takes is one person to inspire a generation. Jango is the fuel that sparks the fire within other artists in the Pacific Northwest. Elijah Kilborn, born in Connecticut, but grew up with his grandparents in Spokane, is a hip-hop artist that is breaking barriers both locally and regionally. Known to the music industry as Jango, he is a representation of what his moniker symbolizes, the pride for his black culture. Jango found a passion for hip-hop at a young age freestyling as a kid with his younger brother. What began as a pastime for fun, transformed over the years into a career that he went on to pursue seriously. Being the perfectionist he is, Jango has developed his craft to the level that separates him from the influx of rappers gunning for a shot at hip-hop greatness. Competition is all but nonexistent in the face of Jango and it comes to no surprise. Inspired by iconic artists like JID, Fugees, Kendrick Lamar, Baby Keem, Macklemore, the Roots and J. Cole, his flow and style of lyricism has attained top tier status. His music is sonically pleasing to the ear with expert bars and melodies that transcends the walls of just rap. Influenced by a wide range of musical acts, his music has found form over various genres. He is a connoisseur of rhymes, blending flows with conscious messages that aim to both resonate with listeners and spark a buzz on a commercial level. Versatile as they come, he can go from aggressive lyrical assassination over beats, to emotion filled R&B flows. Jango’s dedication to defining a new style of art from others in the game, has given rise to a foundation of fans that he calls “The Lost Tribe” that support him wholeheartedly. His music has a way of converting non-believers and inspiring artists in his region to believe in themselves and follow their dreams. His goal is not only rooted in simply gaining superstar recognition as an artist, but mainly to radiate positivity as an advocate for mental health, and to communicate thoughtful messages to his young fans. After wetting fan’s appetites with the release of multiple singles, Jango went on to deliver the 2017 project that brought his name up at lunch tables. The seven-track mixtape “Alone by Choice” engineered at local studio Amplified Wax, came to fruition after the suicide of his close friend. Alone by Choice was a means to vent and cope with the emotions connected to his tragic loss. The project was received well by audiences and further acted as proof to his talent even with such a dark inspired cadence. The project held significance not only as a memento to his friend, but it spoke to those in a similar space. Jango wanted to instill that even in the silence of self-thought and company, happiness can still flourish and excelling in life is all but a mindset away. Since dropping Alone by Choice, Jango’s popularity has been on the incline with the release of more quality singles like "Legacy," which features Seattle duo Kung Foo Grip, and performances on stages like Upstream Music Festival in Seattle. Having a team of producers and publicists, as well as some regional sponsors like clothing brand “The Great PNW,” Jango has sold out shows and been represented on billboards in his city. Jango’s drive to create his place in hip-hop’s history has inspired a major movement in the UpperLeft that is uplifting other artists. After his 3 song project “Espresso and Shine”, that came out in late October, he has put himself back in the conversation within the region. Jango is sure to elevate and grab national attention with the upcoming release of his newest single “Merchandise (feat. Sam Lachow),” scheduled for an April 29th 2021 release. Jango is a staple of any playlist, be sure to stream his music and follow his socials to remain up to date on all his upcoming projects.
LATE Sat 3/25 1:00am: Jang The Goon at Reef
Jang The Goon