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About Idaho STEM Action Center Idaho STEM Action Center is an education and growth catalyst helping educators, businesses, families, and communities prepare the workforce of tomorrow. An incubator, connector, and advocate of STEM thinking and initiatives, the agency provides resources, support, and problem solving that spark innovation and offer paths to prosperity based on Idahoans’ shared values of hard work, collaboration, self-determination, family, and community stability. Mission Statement Advancing innovative opportunities for educators, students, communities, and industry to build a competitive Idaho workforce and economy through STEM and computer science education. Vision Statement A diverse STEM-literate Idaho workforce to support the long-term economic prosperity of Idaho. Idaho STEM Action Center Equity Statement The Idaho STEM Action Center is committed to ensuring equitable access to STEM pathways for all Idaho’s students, educators, and communities. In our efforts, equity begins with recognizing disparities in Idaho: access and awareness gaps for students, inconsistencies in training and support resources for educators, and economic inequalities within Idaho’s communities- and providing opportunities for Idahoans to realize their full potential by overcoming these barriers.
Sat 3/25 2:00pm: Digital Education Jump-Starts Careers in STEAM at Boise Centre East (Room 410B)
Idaho STEM Action Center