Nampa, ID

Highway45 is all about healing through our music. We bring people together on a spiritual level and helping them find the light they lost. Highway45 is a self-produced group of musicians that, individually are solo-songwriters, composers and artists. When they come together to play music, they are family. Highway45 is active in philanthropic events and shows, helping out in Idaho. Events include; Hunger Busters supporting local food drives, Boise Hive supporting recovering alcoholics and suicide prevention, the Goddess Festival, Boise Hemp Fest, Jump and Jive, Boise Music Festival, KYM Fest supporting Domestic Violence and mental health Awareness, Boise Zoo supporting wildlife conservation, etc. Whether it be duo, trio or big band, they perform throughout Idaho and have begun branching their way into neighboring states. In 2022, they were sponsored by Mother Earth Brewery and their resident artist. In the summer of 2022, they were included in the Idaho Concert Series, opening for The Mavericks in Boise, Idaho and Pocatello, Idaho. They also opened for Jon Wolfe at The Knitting Factory, just before his Grand Old Opry induction. With their unique sound, blending genres like Country, Americana, Blues, Folk, they are sure to show you what synergy means between musicians.
Thu 3/23 7:00pm: Highway45 at Hannah's