Grant Lyon


Los Angeles

Grant Lyon, a touring professional comedian from Comedy Central, Comic’s Unleashed, the SyFy Channel, and more, is also a huge board game lover! His comedy album Scheduled Fun Time hit number one on the comedy charts and has made him the featured artist of the month on multiple SiriusXM channels. He’s performed in 45 states and is recognizable from numerous national TV commercials. In addition, he makes silly review videos about good games with his series Grant’s Game Recs on TikTok and YouTube, and he’s the co-designer of the party game Curmudgeon, published by 25th Century Games.
Fri 3/24 10:00am: Live D&D - Hackfort Edition at Boise Centre East (Room 420B)
Sat 3/25 10:00am: Magic of the Bands at White Dog Brewing Co.
Sat 3/25 8:15pm: Comedy! Saturday - Early Show Mad Swede at Mad Swede Brew Hall
Sun 3/26 10:00am: Board Games and Brunch at White Dog Brewing Co.
Grant Lyon