Gentle Flow with Robyn Brinkerhoff


Grover Beach, CA

Robyn is the owner of Empower Yoga Studio! She has been a student of yoga for over 20 years- she loves sharing this beautiful practice as it has accompanied her throughout all of life’s challenges and victories! Her M.S. in Educational Psychology, 10 years in experiential education and therapies, as well over 400 hours of trauma informed training gives her insight and awareness into the benefits of yoga from an neurological point of view. Robyn also loves sharing and discussing yoga philosophy, including the benefits and power of breath work and mindfulness! Robyn is thrilled to have the opportunity to provide a space for people to reconnect with self through breath, movement, and community.
Sun 3/26 10:00am: Gentle Flow with Robyn Brinkerhoff and Sound Sabbath with Nikki Caballero at Treefort Music Hall
Gentle Flow with Robyn Brinkerhoff