Free Creatures


Eugene, OR

Free Creatures fuses alt hip hop, psych rock and edm with mindful lyrics and moments of playful improvisation. Uniquely North West, authentic ingredients and wildly diversified influences bring out a new musical flavor in this power trio; an umami of genres. The Pacific Northwest brings us yet another new musical flavor in the alt hip hop power fusion trio, Free Creatures. The trio features the smooth, sweet swagger of upright bassist and singer Emily Turner, paired with emcee & producer Marv Ellis remixing original beats on an MPC live while rapping and freestyling in his beloved and charismatic style, and the rapturous effects of electric guitar layers and solos from rock wizard Skyler Squglio. Free Creatures presents as a powerfully welcoming invitation into an exploration of genre, feeling, and thought. A sense of loving playfulness is their main directive, even while navigating through the storms of today’s troubled world. Marv Ellis stands at the helm, steering an MPC Live packed with original beats while charismatically delivering a ten course meal of heavy hitting rhythmic American poetry. Emily Turner stands abreast on the bow, calming the storm with siren-like vocals while simultaneously driving deep, thunderous grooves on electric upright bass. Skyler Squglio expertly mans the mast, harnessing hurricane force winds of melody with his smiling, upside-down, left handed guitar. As you ride the Free Creatures ship into the sunset, you may find a brand new favorite flavor of love on your tongue; the umami of music.
Thu 3/23 11:30pm: Free Creatures at Basque Center
Free Creatures