Boise, ID

FALL OF FATHOM is anchored by three foundations: Complexity, Sincerity, and Djent. Intricate rhythms and technique are counterpoint to the lyrics, which regard the turmoil of human emotion, all while exploring the limits of dynamic contrast. The music hits heavy, but also breathes. Tanner Holmes (guitar) first conceptualized FOF in 2011, but it wasn’t until 2017 when Ryan Sparrell (drums) joined that the sound took its shape. The duo complement each other in their writing; Holmes with his unconventional arrangements, and Sparrell using his formal education in music to contour the guitar with polyrhythms, modulations, and rudiments. Miguel Rivera (bass) joined the band in 2020; at times, he is synchronized with the kick drum and guitars, and at others it’s elaborate motifs. Fall of Fathom, at its core, juxtaposes duality at every chance. The Boise-based progressive metal band debuted their EP “Dead Flowers” on September 4th, 2020 with their former vocalists, and plan to release a new EP in 2023 with the new vocal lineup. As of 2022, new vocalists Kaylene Barber (clean vocals) and Jeremy Gardner (harsh vocals) showcase opposite ends of the vocal spectrum—Barber commanding powerful, clear, and stratospheric melodies, and Gardner an intense range of harsh technique with a specialty in piercing highs that punch through the wall of sound.
Wed 3/22 6:00pm: FALL OF FATHOM at El Korah Shrine