Emily & Erika


Boise, ID

Emily is a multi-instrumental musician, classically trained vocalist, certified integral coach, and yogi with a passion for deepening awareness of the mind, body, and soul complex. With her use of tonal alchemy and sound frequency, Emily creates an ethereal like space, gently guiding others into deep states of consciousness and relaxation. With the accompaniment of quartz sound bowls, drums, and chimes, Emily works with vibrational frequency to aid in the regulation of the central nervous system and stress levels in the physical body. Additionally, Treefort 2023 will be Emily’s first festival stage debut, performing as a vocalist and member of the collective, MIZU. Erika is a nurse and the owner of Studio Lotus, a multi-faceted yoga studio with breathtaking views overlooking the Boise Mountain Ridgeline. Approaching her decade year of teaching, Erika's radiant and grounded energy brings an embodied sense of grace and harmony to each of her classes. With love and a vision of bringing people together to be present in each moment of life, truly live each day, and build genuine connection, Erika has cultivated a truly magical space to practice and teach the eastern tradition of Yoga. As the community continues to grow and expand, Erika’s vision remains the same: bring people together. In previous years, Erika has served as a proud supporter of Yogafort and looks forward to serving again as an ambassador in 2023! Now more than ever, Erika and Emily believe in building a powerful community by showing up to guide and hold space the same way they show up to the mat, with love and intention. By participating in Yogafort, they hope to share the beauty of yoga and sound with a more diverse community and shine more awareness on these ancient and powerful healing modalities. It is our joy and privilege to bring our passions and offerings forward to the unique festival experience that is Yogafort!
Sat 3/25 2:30pm: Unearthed Lotus Yoga with Emily and Erika at Treefort Music Hall
Emily & Erika