Emiko Bankson

Music Talks

Emiko Bankson is the Associate Director for Creative Synch at AWAL based in Los Angeles, CA where she helps develop and pitch AWAL artists to ad, promo, and trailer music supervisors around the world. Previously working at independent sync agencies The Greater Goods Co. and Lyric House, along with spending time on the music supervision side at entertainment marketing agency, BOND, and being a classically trained violinist / composer, Emiko has fine-tuned her ear for sync from all angles. She is passionate about the artist journey and loves getting to create impactful sync moments for the artists she works with. When she's not listening to music, you can find her composing string arrangements for artists, drinking a good cup of coffee, and supporting her local songwriter community at live shows across LA.
Fri 3/24 1:30pm: Music Supervision: Cutting Through The Noise at Boise Centre East (Room 420A)
Sat 3/25 1:30pm: What…. Is Sync? at Boise Centre East (Room 420A)
Emiko Bankson