Ealdor Bealu


Boise, ID

Ealdor Bealu is a progressive heavy-psych/stoner-rock quartet formed in the high desert of Boise, ID in 2015 by Carson Russell(Ghorot), Rylie Collingwood, Travis Abbott(Sawtooth Monk), and Alex Wargo. Over the past 7 years the band has toured the Western US 6 times, performed at 12 regional festivals, and released 3 full-length albums, including 2022's internationally acclaimed Psychic Forms, which was released on LA-based record label Metal Assault. With a focus on shifting dynamics from the ambient to the massive and back again, their sound expands beyond the boundaries of genre to create a mosaic of sonic praise.
Wed 3/22 9:30pm: Ealdor Bealu at El Korah Shrine
Ealdor Bealu