Tokyo, Japan

DYGL (pronounced "day-glo") is an alternative indie-rock band consisting of members Nobuki Akiyama (vo/ gt), Kohei Kamoto (dr), Yotaro Kachi (ba) and Yosuke Shimonaka (gt). The band is always burning with curiosity in the fields of music, politics and culture, which are demonstrated in their songs. In April 2017, they released the 1st album "Say Goodbye to Memory Den" and their song 'Let It Out' M/V broke 1 million views. All the songs in this album are produced by the solo artist/guitarist of Albert Hammond Jr. (a.k.a the Strokes), and the producer Gus Oberg. Ahead of their 2nd Album "Songs of Innocence & Experience", DYGL has dropped two pre-release singles; 'Bad Kicks' and 'A Paper Dream' recorded in the UK. Meanwhile they create the 2nd album, they have appeared in many shows with different artists such as The Strypes, Beach Fossils, Manic Sheep, Bad Suns and so on. In 2021, the pre-release single 'Half of Me'; ahead of their 3rd album "A DAZE IN A HAZE", debuted at No 1 on the weekly-airplay chart in Japan. Along with the album release, the song 'Sink' was selected as the theme song for the car manufacture company DAIHATSU.
Fri 3/24 9:00pm: DYGL at The Shredder