Dust City Opera


Albuquerque, NM

This unexpected folk-rock orchestra materialized out of Albuquerque, but they might as well have slipped through an intergalactic portal or stowed away on a derelict spacecraft before crashlanding in the desert. Dust City Opera tells harrowing tales of sadness, madness, and mishaps. With each performance illuminating the space between death and humor, this quintet becomes the soundtrack to stories steeped in cosmic horror and transcendence. They will draw you deep into their mad world of storytelling, so enter with caution. You may find yourself abducted by ancient aliens, lost in haunted fog, or more fascinating yet: face-to-face with your own insanity, with no way out.
Wed 3/22 7:30pm: Dust City Opera at Treeline Bus #1
Thu 3/23 6:20pm: Dust City Opera at Payette Brewing
Fri 3/24 9:00pm: Dust City Opera at Treeline Bus #1
Dust City Opera