Dirt Miller


Spokane, WA

Dirt Miller is an American multi-instrumentalist and songwriter who has been entrenched in music his entire life. With a saga to tell about a life lived hard, and a recovery fought for even harder, Dirt's guitar virtuosity combined with his unique singing style and interpretation of humble melodies and lyrics paint a lush scenario of Americana soul. His early influences like Bob Dylan, Cat Stevens, James Taylor, and Led Zeppelin, echo in his songs. Music that comes from pure instinct and deep roots in American folklore and blues history, influenced by the majestic lands of this country and spirituality. Dirt Miller’s music (Co produced by Composer Max DiCarlo) is comprised of real instrumentation— cellos, violins and percussion creating a surreal world of images and emotion. Telling the human story with eloquence, fierceness, beauty and a personal edge that hearkens to one's inner soul, Dirt showcases a dynamic mastery of technical guitar playing matched with a gritty sultry voice that is sure to cut straight to your heart strings—always leaving you wanting more. All written from his true-life experience, the music speaks for itself! Dirt is represented by Manager Dianne Copeland (Copeland Entertainment) and by William Morris Endeavor (WME).
Sun 3/26 2:40pm: Dirt Miller at The Hideout
Dirt Miller