Dedicated Servers


Boise, ID

MCMD and Dave the Fave are the rappers. Spin Master Mugen is the DJ. Together, they are the Dedicated Servers. For nearly two decades, the best friends since literally day one continue to electrify crowds with their unmistakable energy and iron-rhymed performances. The ambassadors of Gem State hip hop continue to evolve their sound with established DJ and producer, Spin Master Mugen, blending a rich sound of funk and jazzhop. Since the Dedicated Servers’ last album in 2020, MCMD released a project titled “Chin Beard Dynasty” while Dave the Fave acted (Alley Rep’s “Hot Asian Doctor Husband”), DJs, streams (mostly daily on Twitch masterfully playing various video games), and even won a Finalist medal at the 2022 Evolution Champion Series. Mugen has been busy cooking the illest of beats, and the three are preparing three new albums for 2023, beginning with Dave’s new solo project “Rollercoaster” due out near the end of Spring. Whether there’s three people in the crowd or one hundred, it’s always SHOWTIME when Dedicated Servers hits the stage BABAY!
Sun 3/26 3:30pm: Dedicated Servers at Boise Brewing
Dedicated Servers