Corevette Collective


Boise, ID

Corevette Collective is a force of nature, galvanized by glamour, propelled by queerness, hurdling towards the most expressive future imaginable in our spaceship from Planet GlamRock. From club lights to sidewalks, we make sure all the world’s a stage. So when you discover our flitting and fluttering pack of gay fae out in the Treefort world, put on your dancin shoes, your rose colored glasses, and strap in for one hell of a time. Where we’re headed, there is only magic, music, sweat, and radical acceptance.
Fri 3/24 8:00pm: EAT IT UP w/ Meatball, Big Dipper & PooPoo Platter at The Balcony
Sat 3/25 4:50pm: Pink Runway Party at Main Stage
Corevette Collective