Boise, ID

Celeste is an interesting mixture of part dance floor rabble-rouser, part whimsical yogini and somewhere in there is a scientist as well. Her other life is as a director of a revolutionary independent high school where she leads science and wellness experiences. How do all these things come together? She believes in the magic of the body, the power of personal expression, the journey that community festivals take us on that change us forever, and how legitimately we can mold our personal biologies with our transformational movement experiences. Her dance practice has been shared on dance floors across the world from Burning Man to Bulgaria, and she is constantly finding ways to take her over twenty years experience with dance to the next level. She is Dr. Bolin, the Dance Commander and the experience of her method is best felt on a sweaty dance floor with Deeveaux behind the DJ decks.
Fri 3/24 2:00pm: The Dance Commander Experience with Deeveaux at Basque Center