Cat Valley


Bellingham, WA

Cat Valley is a four-piece rock band from Bellingham, WA whose “melodic guitars” and “heavy surf-punk breakdowns” weave together pop sensibility with punk lyrics, hearkening back to 90’s alternative rock with a surf twist. They write songs centered around their experiences as queer women navigating life and playing music in a male-dominated world. Their raw and dynamic live show brings shared catharsis for those with similar experiences and has connected them to a devoted following around the pacific northwest. Cat Valley is Whitney Flinn, Abby Hegge, Melanie Sehman, and Kristen Stanovich.
Fri 3/24 4:10pm: Cat Valley at Hound Lot (Bus Station)
Sat 3/25 7:30pm: Cat Valley at Old School
Sun 3/26 5:00pm: Cat Valley at Camp Modern
Cat Valley