Brian Louderbough


Boise, ID

Sound is Medicine. For thousands of years, ancient cultures from around the world have used sound as a tool for healing and spiritual advancement. Using a wide variety of unique instruments from around the world such as Tibetan singing bowls, gongs, flutes and handpans, Brian weaves a lifetime of musical study with many years of spiritual practice to create a unique and deeply moving soundscape experience that both quiets the mind and mystifies the senses. A native of Boise, Brian is multi instrumentalist and seasoned sonic explorer with a passion for building community, and sharing the re-emerging art of Sound Healing.
Thu 3/23 12:30pm: New Beginnings Yoga with Joan Hendrickson and Brian Louderbough at Basque Center
Thu 3/23 1:45pm: Rooted Vibration Sound Bath with Brian Louderbough at Basque Center
Brian Louderbough